Thank you to all of you who have inquired about myself and my family. We are fine.

We live in the western part of Chico. The fire burned up to the eastern part. Many were evacuated but were able to return to their homes. My business is in Durham - just south of Chico and west of the fire. At one time the fire jumped a line, and they warned it was headed to Durham. But fortunately, it was contained. The ashes and burned debris, however, has covered everything.

I left the day it started for a Loes Sewing Seminar in Carmel. It was difficult driving - even back roads as it was bumper to bumper traffic trying to escape.

Everything around here is so sad and so unreal. The devastation of property and people's lives is unreal. The smoke is really bad here today. It is 45 degrees outside. That is VERY cold for Chico - unheard of this time in November!

Thank you again for your concern!  I appreciate it.  Sharon